• Woody’s Green Beret Warrior Patriot Match and One Team One Fight Fun Shoot

    Woody’s Green Beret Warrior Patriot Match and One Team One Fight Fun Shoot

    woodys-match-v6Registration for the annual Warrior Patriot Team Match for Green Beret Foundation and One Team One Fight.  All proceeds go to these two organizations to benefit our veterans and families in need of assistance.

    Match Date: October 1st, 2016

    Match Time: Safety brief at 8am, rounds down range at 8:30am

    Cost: $500 per Patriot minimum donation, larger donations will be accepted

    Register here

    Match fee includes a commemorative t shirt, certificate, lunch and a few other goodies to be announced at the match.

    Invoices for total donation will be sent out electronically and can be paid using any major credit card.

    The event is October 1st at Woody’s Hunt Club in New Hill.  It will consist of a 6 stage match featuring, long range, pistol, carbine, pistol/carbine, shotgun and a fa sub gun stages.  There will be 20 teams competing, each team will be a warrior (Green Beret SF) and a civilian patriot shooter.  The fee is a minimum of $500 per patriot to shoot.  All firearms, ammunition and required accessories will be provided at each stage.  The teams just show up and shoot and have fun.  We will have a modest prize table at the end for the competitors, a thank you bag for each competitor and hopefully a few other goodies.

    At the same time we will be running a fun shoot for anyone to come out and support the event.  It will include vendor booths from SIlencerCO, OSS, SWS to name just a few as well as some privately owned full auto guns for people to shoot.  They include a Tommy gun, MP5, 1919, calibers from 22LR to 50 Beowulf will be available.  General entry fee is $20 per person to take advantage of the vendor displays and then $20 per machine gun to shoot.   Once the match finishes the general public will also be able to shoot the match stages until we run out of ammo or time.

    At the end of the day there will be an awards ceremony, raffle drawing and live auction to wrap up the events.

    Schedule is as follows

    0800 gates open and fun shoot starts
    0830 Shooters meeting for match
    0900 Opening ceremony for entire event
    0930 Match rounds down range
    1230 Match complete
    1530 Awards, raffles, auction

    For mo
    re information contact Shawn Conver 919-451-1425 or tsconver@s2fcllc.com


  • One Team One FIght

    One Team One FIght

    This is for a raffle to be drawn October 1st, 2016 at Woody’s Charity SubGun and Suppressor Shoot.

    MSRP of Rifle is $2300, if at least $3000 in tickets are not sold the raffle will become a 50/50 drawing with the winner getting 50% of the cash collected and OTOF getting 50% of the cash collected.

    If you win the rifle any shipping charges to your FFL will be your responsibility.

    Click here to buy raffle tickets.

  • What ATF Rulling 41F/P Means to you

    What ATF Rulling 41F/P Means to you

    Here Are The Key Takeaways:

    1. The ATF 41F ruling won’t be enforced until 6 months AFTER it has been published in the NFA registry – which hasn’t happened yet.
    2. The CLEO signature requirement will be removed for customers who are registering as an individual.  (This is about the only good news in 41F.)  Instead of a signature, there will be a notification requirement – which is much easier since the CLEO will no longer have the power to prevent your NFA purchase.
    3. All pending applications from before the as-yet-unknown enforcement date will be grandfathered under the existing rules.
    4. If you’re registering using a trust or corporation (which is the best option for most customers) then, once the 41F rule goes into effect, you’ll need to submit both fingerprints and passport photos for every responsible person with the application.  (This is the worst part of 41F.)
    5. Once you receive an approval under the new rules, you’ll be exempted from having to submit fingerprint cards or passport photos again for 2 years from the date of the most recent approval.  (We’re still digging into how, exactly, this will be implemented.)
  • F1 Firearms

    F1 Firearms

    We are pleased to announce we are a now a dealer for F1 Firearms.  Call us for pricing on custom built F1 complete rifles.

    Here is a bit about their company from their website.

    f1 logo“F-1 Firearms was incorporated in 2012 and was seeded by our founder’s decade old highly successful Information Technology Company. Our technological expertise and team strive to be the best in the gun manufacturing industry and this gives us our competitive edge. Together, we take great pride in bringing advancements through modern weapons design and features into semi-automatic and automatic rifle systems.

    Our Company’s advanced weapons manufacturing facility is state of the art and we have assembled a top-notch team of experienced designers and machinists to ensure we manufacture and provide the finest 100% American Made weapons and parts around.  We also take great pride in employing U.S. Veterans from all facets of the United States Military.

    With our 100% product warranty we hope to have your business for life.”

  • Lynx Defense

    Lynx Defense


    Our range bags are 100% American made and also Berry Amendment compliant. We are extremely proud to say our bags are manufactured in Sanford, North Carolina.


    Each Range bag comes with two inserts that feature a gun holder as well as magazine holders. Each holder is made from a sturdy kydex style material.

  • Bullseye Holsters

    Bullseye Holsters

    Bullseye Holsters is a handgun holster and tactical gear manufacturer based in Jacksonville, FL. They are currently the industry leader in the thermoform holster manufacturing industry. Specializing in Kydex® and leather hybrid design holsters, that have revolutionized the holster industry.


    Check them out under the CS&G Menu in the Holster Section

  • Powered by Silencer Shop

    Powered by Silencer Shop

    Carolina Smoke and Guns is now POWERED BY Silencer Shop


    Over the last few years, we’ve developed a method that allows customers from any state where suppressors are legal to purchase on our site without the hassle. Check out how to get started here.

  • Kahntrol Solutions

    Kahntrol Solutions

    So why choose Kahntrol Solutions? According to our customers, we are ”The most effective muzzle brake available“. We get feedback on a regular basis from folks who have tried most other brands that our brakes are ”The Best Muzzle Brake I’ve ever used“. Whether it be a Remington 700, or Savage Axis, Ruger American, Mossberg ATR, Sako TRG, or AR-10 / AR-15 platform, We’ve got a brake to fit your rifle, and make recoil and muzzle climb a thing of the past. Don’t settle for inexpensive brakes that are made in foreign countries or have questionable origins. If a brake is that inexpensive. What do YOU think was sacrificed? Our Muzzle Brakes keep Americans working!!! – See more at: https://kahntrol.com/#sthash.TyUFom86.dpuf

  • Carolina Smoke and Guns

    Carolina Smoke and Guns

    We are a small North Carolina business focusing on consumer education and customer satisfaction. We specialize in Title 2 / Class 3 products (Suppressors, SBRs, SBSs, and Machine Guns)  We are an authorized dealer for most major firearms and suppressor manufacturers.

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