• F1 Firearms

    F1 Firearms

    We are pleased to announce we are a now a dealer for F1 Firearms.  Call us for pricing on custom built F1 complete rifles.

    Here is a bit about their company from their website.

    f1 logo“F-1 Firearms was incorporated in 2012 and was seeded by our founder’s decade old highly successful Information Technology Company. Our technological expertise and team strive to be the best in the gun manufacturing industry and this gives us our competitive edge. Together, we take great pride in bringing advancements through modern weapons design and features into semi-automatic and automatic rifle systems.

    Our Company’s advanced weapons manufacturing facility is state of the art and we have assembled a top-notch team of experienced designers and machinists to ensure we manufacture and provide the finest 100% American Made weapons and parts around.  We also take great pride in employing U.S. Veterans from all facets of the United States Military.

    With our 100% product warranty we hope to have your business for life.”

  • Bullseye Holsters

    Bullseye Holsters

    Bullseye Holsters is a handgun holster and tactical gear manufacturer based in Jacksonville, FL. They are currently the industry leader in the thermoform holster manufacturing industry. Specializing in Kydex® and leather hybrid design holsters, that have revolutionized the holster industry.


    Check them out under the CS&G Menu in the Holster Section

  • Powered by Silencer Shop

    Powered by Silencer Shop

    Carolina Smoke and Guns is now POWERED BY Silencer Shop


    Over the last few years, we’ve developed a method that allows customers from any state where suppressors are legal to purchase on our site without the hassle. Check out how to get started here.

  • Carolina Smoke and Guns

    Carolina Smoke and Guns

    We are a small North Carolina business focusing on consumer education and customer satisfaction. We specialize in Title 2 / Class 3 products (Suppressors, SBRs, SBSs, and Machine Guns)  We are an authorized dealer for most major firearms and suppressor manufacturers.

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