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    Over the last few years, we’ve developed a method that allows customers from any state where suppressors are legal to purchase on our site without the hassle. Check out how to get started here.

  • Kahntrol Solutions

    Kahntrol Solutions

    So why choose Kahntrol Solutions? According to our customers, we are ”The most effective muzzle brake available“. We get feedback on a regular basis from folks who have tried most other brands that our brakes are ”The Best Muzzle Brake I’ve ever used“. Whether it be a Remington 700, or Savage Axis, Ruger American, Mossberg ATR, Sako TRG, or AR-10 / AR-15 platform, We’ve got a brake to fit your rifle, and make recoil and muzzle climb a thing of the past. Don’t settle for inexpensive brakes that are made in foreign countries or have questionable origins. If a brake is that inexpensive. What do YOU think was sacrificed? Our Muzzle Brakes keep Americans working!!! – See more at: https://kahntrol.com/#sthash.TyUFom86.dpuf

  • Carolina Smoke and Guns

    Carolina Smoke and Guns

    We are a small North Carolina business focusing on consumer education and customer satisfaction. We specialize in Title 2 / Class 3 products (Suppressors, SBRs, SBSs, and Machine Guns)  We are an authorized dealer for most major firearms and suppressor manufacturers.

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Kahntrol Solutions Clamp on Muzzle Brake
Kahntrol Solutions Clamp on Muzzle Brake