Essence of Liberty Rimfire Suppressor

22LR Essence complete with tools Titanium / Stainless Steel blast baffle construction coupled with the proven Kodiak Tl technology make this the perfect rimfire suppressor!!


2nd_front_view-600x418The Essence of Liberty is a rimfire suppressor designed from the ground up with every possible feature that is desirable in a rimfire suppressor. It is lightweight, being made with over 95% titanium in its construction, this suppressor virtually disappears on the end of your weapon system.


Made entirely from Titanium and Stainless Steel, this suppressor weighs in at a little over 15 ounces with a recoil booster installed in it. This suppressor can be “dipped” ultrasonically, sand blasted, or soaked in harsh solvents without fear of damage to the unit.

MysticWeight of suppressor: Approximately 12.1 oz (module only) Approximately 16 oz (with booster)

Length/Diameter : 8” x 1.375”

Material: Stainless steel / Titanium

Attachment: Multiple styles

Approx. DB Reduction: 38dB (This is with Fiocchi 158 gr 9mm which was showing 162dB unsuppressed)

Available in one of four configurations:

1. No mount – you have the mounts you need already

2. Recoil booster for pistol use with suppressor

3. Fixed barrel mount for carbine use with suppressor

4. Adapter ring for Triad mount with suppressor


Ultimate Suppressor Pack

THE “CAN” DO KIT Everything Pictured Here The Liberty Ultimate Suppressor Pack You CAN have it all!!! ULTIMATE SUPPRESSOR PACK INCLUDES: ESSENCE, FREEDOM, TRIUMPH, MIRANDA, MYSTIC, 1/2-28 FBA, 5/-24FBA, 1/2-28 BOOSTER, PELICAN CASE


The Liberty Ultimate suppressor pack has every suppressor that you could possible need all the way up to 308 Winchester! Included are the following suppressors; Freedom, Triumph, Miranda, Mystic and am Essence. The Liberty CAN do kit offers the complete array of suppressors to cover virtually every caliber possible from the 22LR up to the 308WIN. With this kit the dealer has any situation covered when it comes to a demo at the local gun club or making a sales pitch to the metro police swat unit. We also include in the kit several adapters for the Mystic (our most popular suppressor to date) allowing you to attach it to a myriad of host firearms. It all comes packaged in a rugged Pelican brand hard case that is water sealed and will even float, should the need arise. All the usual color choices are available as well. We do allow upgrades in the kit should you want to move up to the Infiniti or Victory. Just let the sales team know when you are placing your order.

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