.45 ACP

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Ti-Rant 45

tirant 45

The Ti-RANT .45 is the world’s first silencer for .45 ACP pistols that is truly stealthy when fired dry. The average dry sound signature of the Ti-RANT .45 is 133 dB when fired on a Heckler and Koch USP Tactical .45 with Remington 230 grain ammunition. This puts the dry performance of the Ti-RANT .45 squarely in the ballpark of most competitor’s 9mm pistol silencers. With a wet charge of 5cc’s of water, the sound signature drops to 125 dB. To put it another way, our .45 silencer is quieter than some company’s .22 silencers. The Ti-RANT .45 does not stand out among a sea of posers just because of its jaw-dropping performance. Intelligent material selection gives the Ti-RANT .45 unequalled durability in a deceptively light-weight package. The Ti-RANT .45 incorporates AAC’s new A.S.A.P.™ CLUTCH. This highly evolved Nielsen device enables flawless semi-automatic operation on all relevant host pistols, and can be fully disassembled for cleaning or piston replacement with no tools in seconds. The Ti-RANT .45 can be outfitted with pistons threaded M16 x 1 Right Hand, M16 x 1 Left Hand, and two pistons threaded .578-28; one extended for the Sig P-220 and 1911’s with a full length guide rod, and a flush mount for 1911’s with a standard G.I. guide rod. For multi-caliber use, pistons are available in the most common 9mm and .40 thread patterns to allow use of the Ti-RANT 45 on hosts in those calibers.

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Ti-Rant   45 Ti-Rant 45s
Weight: 11.5 oz
Weight: 9.2oz
Length: 8.74″ Length:   6.42″
Diameter: 1.38″ Diameter:   1.38″
Finish: Cerakote™ Finish:   Cerakote™
Sound Reduction: (Dry/Wet): -30dB/-41dB Sound   Reduction: 18dB Dry, 28.5dB Wet
Mount: Threads Mount:   Thread
Materials: Grade 9 Ti, 17-4PH, 7075-T6 Materials:   Grade 9 Ti, 17-4PH SS, 7075-T6

Thompson Machine ISIS 2

ISIS-2The Isis-1 was great, the Isis-2 (new for 2012) is even better!  Now rated for SUBSONIC .300 Blackout as well as centerfire pistol and rimfire calibers, the Isis-2 is truly among the quietest and most versatile  pistol suppressors on the market.  Improvements to the old design include a threadless tube (both stronger and easier to disassemble), and improved suppression (that’s right, it’s even quieter!)

Until now, sacrifices had to be made when picking out a pistol suppressor.  While the industry standard suppressors that accept multiple mounts are excellent performers, many cannot be  effectively cleaned or used with dirty rimfire ammunition due to the fact that they are sealed units.  Our Isis-2 accepts industry standard recoil booster, tri-lug, uzi,  and fixed thread mounts and disassembles easily for cleaning and user-service with our included billet disassembly tool.  That translates into you buying one suppressor and using it on everything from 9mm on down to .22lr.

As with all of our suppressors, we have utilized state-of-the-art mono-core technology to provide you with excellent suppression, minimum number of parts to juggle, (the entire suppressor disassembles into only three parts), minimum poi shift, and unmatched ease of cleaning and user maintenance.  Spend less, shoot more guns suppressed.

Caliber .45 (suitable for multi-caliber use)
Overall Length 8”
Diameter 1.375”
Weight 7oz
Tube Material 6061T6
Baffle Material 6061 T6
Design Mono-Baffle, Threadless Tube Design, Take-apart Tool Included
Finish Anodized Matte Black

SilencerCo Octane Centerfire Pistol Suppressor
The Octane line of suppressors offer industry leading sound reduction in all major combat pistol calibers, sub machineguns, and subsonic rifles.

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The Octane line has a unique design for easy disassembly and user serviceability. The CTA baffle stack makes it the easiest centerfire pistol silencer on the market to clean. The unique click together design keeps debris from reaching the tube of the suppressor, which allows it to be disassembled with ease. User serviceability becomes very important when shooting full auto on a submachine gun or shooting lead bullets.

The Octane line features interchangeable pistons which gives you caliber versatility as well. It pairs with everything.

SilencerCo Osprey Centerfire Pistol Suppressor

Silencerco’s Osprey family of pistol suppressors is a perfect blend of form and function.

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With the modern combat handgun in mind, Silencerco set out to create a silencer that performs well and looks like it belongs—the best possible marriage between host weapon and silencer. Silencerco went to work to make a suppressor that maximizes sound suppression levels, allows the use of more host pistols with factory sights, and has more operationally friendly features. What was created was the Osprey pistol silencer available for 9mm, .40 S&W, and 45ACP.

Although round silencers are very effective for many applications, for a centerfire handgun round it has its limits. To obtain the most suppression, silencers must have as much internal volume as possible; but for a round tubular silencer, the only way to acquire more internal volume is by increasing the overall diameter and/or length. Increasing a tube’s diameter will obscure the site picture of the host gun and inhibit the possibility of holstering a weapon with the silencer still attached to the host gun.

The Osprey is an eccentric silencer, which means that the bore does not run down the middle of the tube. Because of this eccentric design, most of the baffles and internal volume is beneath the centerline of the bore and out of the way of the gun’s sights, thus leaving the shooter the ability to use factory sights with little or no sight or target obstruction. The Osprey has flat side walls and angled edges that mimic many modern combat handgun slides and is just slightly wider than most host pistols. This feature allows the host weapon to be holstered with many popular open bottom holster designs with Osprey attached. The Osprey contains approximately 30% more internal volume than a traditional round tube silencer at the same length, but does so without obscuring the shooter’s sight picture or adding excessive width and length.

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